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About Chigbu Disposals

One of the characteristics of the developing and underdeveloped countries is the presence of waste and refuses everywhere. You literarily have to block your nose when walking the streets; drainage systems are blocked, and nearest empty lands are turned to refuse dumps. Ebola was a global menace caused by simple poor sanitation habits and millions of people have been affected globally by epidemics of diseases that are the primarily caused by poor waste management practises. 

Poor waste management practises have almost single headedly kept the underdeveloped countries, under developed. Foreign direct investments are difficult to attract hence jobs are not created, value of property remain stagnant even gaining negative equity, people lose value for their societies, despair sets in, existing infrastructure decays and depreciates and the country becomes unappealing to both foreigners and local natives alike.

Chigbu Disposals is a Development Channel company that is committed to the nagging issue of waste management especially in developing nations. We employ the use of proper planning, organized management, efficient technology, environmental sensitivity and extensive reach to combat horrible waste management practises in countries and communities.


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